30 May 2007

New Life, New Site

“But today of all days, it is brought home to me: It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life.”
Is Flights to Fantasy dead? Not quite. You see, I started that title about seven years ago, when I was a complete Final Fantasy nut. Now, barring the fact that I can’t afford to play Final Fantasy any longer, I’m still a fan. Also a casual fan of the fantasy genre. Notice all the Lord of the Rings crap I keep talking about?
But I decided I can’t keep the title any longer. I started with that beautiful quote I got from Fellowship of the Ring. I wanted to keep that thought with me.
Too often in the past I was preoccupied with the way I thought things ought to be. And, in the process, I would say and do things not only to please people, but to keep everything in life perfect. However, in doing so, I tended to lose a lot of things, and started to forget fundamental truths in life.
You can’t program everything to be perfect. And if you tried, you’d stop being free. Plus, you’d be curtailing others of their freedom. If you tried, you’d stop being honest. Sooner or later, you would lose appreciation for how beautiful things are as they are. You don’t need a fantasy life for your life to become fantastic.
Okay, it’s not fantastic. But mine’s pretty damn good. For the first time in so many years (gosh, those years in high school seem so ancient) I feel sober, I feel like I can own who I am, and I am comfortable in the fact that I’m still growing into somebody I know I’ll still like. You see, to live a simple life means to accomplish everything you have to, and at the end of the day have some peace of mind. So enjoy the site! And may God bless you with peace and quiet.

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