15 September 2008

My Dream Last Night

I think the best kinds of dreams are also the worst-- the ones that make you feel sucky when you wake up because it's not true. Here was my awesome, awesome dream last night.

I dreamed I could fly. And I didn't dream that I'd recently discovered it; it seemed like I've been flying for all my life and it came naturally to me. So I can paint a clear picture: I could fly much like Cannonball does. I'd do a running start of a few meters, then shoot up into the air like a rocket, with a trajectory. I couldn't stop in the air and float, and neither was I invincible. I'd land somewhere then do another running start and try again. But I was soaring, and it was incredible. There were times when there wasn't enough room to do a good run and I kind of stumbled in the air clumsily, and sometimes there were roofs where I'd hit my head or face because there wasn't enough room to shoot through, but I wasn't flying fast enough those times, so it didn't hurt. (Also, it was a dream.)

In my dream I was soaring through various places in Manila. I didn't think I was going anywhere in specific. I landed on a beach that reminded me of Boracay, but I didn't soar over any seas, so it was really a shore in Manila. Roy (Lascano) was there and asking me if I knew where Anton lived. I stumbled plenty of times: I started to describe his old home in M. St., then I remembered he now lived in A., but then I remembered he was actually in our old dorm near PGH, then I (mistakenly) said that he had moved to a different dorm. Anyway, I shot out of there, then I landed in some office where there were other super-powered beings. There was this short, annoying girl who reminded me of Lindsay Price from Lipstick Jungle/ Coupling. She was lamenting the loss of Jean Grey, and wished that a particular form of hers would be resurrected. I shouted at her that she only wanted to deceive the Phoenix force. She tried to wrestle me but of course she was too tiny and weak to really succeed. I soared onto a rooftop Chinese garden, but there wasn't any room to run in, so I went inside the building and it was a giant conference room surrounded by glass. I didn't want to crash through the glass and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to fit through the panes, so I proceeded to go down into the street.

That's the dream. I wish you could've felt what I did in the dream. It was like I was looking down on Google Maps or something, with the wind in my hair. Fantastic.

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